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We're members of the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.


Welcome to Accessories Unlimited

Accessories Unlimited has the tools and the expertise to customize your vehicle.

Let us turn your ride into something special.

Your car. It's more than just transportation, more than just the freedom to escape from the boredom of everyday life, it's an extension of your personality. Your car should be as unique as you are and scream to the masses; "This is who I am." So the big question is, where can you take that automotive appendage of yours to give it that customized look without breaking
the bank?
Look no further than Accessories Unlimited.
Break Repairing Services
We can turn that car or truck into a thing of beauty with our huge inventory of automotive accessories and extras. We'll also keep it running like a clock with our excellent, affordable repair service. Whether you want your vehicle to make a statement, or make you a buck by using it for work, we have the tools and the gear to do it right, and to do it your way. Make an appointment today and let the transformation begin.
Call 217-529-8757 to customize that ride.